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Durango is a small town tucked away in the San Juan Mountains in Southern Colorado, with endless opportunities for recreation amidst the rich and exciting history. It was founded in 1880 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, which celebrated 125 years of operation in 2006, and continues to be one of the most important attractions for the town. The small, friendly town is home to more than 30 parks, which offers everything that tourists want: excellent mountain biking & hiking trails, along with ample space for picnics and playgrounds.

Whether for business trips, romantic getaways, extraordinary adventures, or relaxing trips, Durango has lodging and accommodation for every occasion. The elegant mountain resorts are perfect as they offer miles of mountain hike and bike trails, untouched mountain streams, and ski-runs. For lodging with the comfort of home, one can choose the Bed and Breakfasts on offer, or for modern facilities, there are also Durango’s newer hotels. One can revisit Durango’s charming beauty and the style of the Old West in the rusty old cabins, or enjoy the night time sky in the tripground.

Durango offers world-class facilities for the enjoyment of the entire family. For the adventurous, there are the beautiful rocky canyons of the nearby San Juan National Park, which offer spectacular hiking through fields of wildflowers, and biking on the mountain biking trails which stretch on endlessly through the quiet and splendour of the area, or rafting through the waters of some of the last free flowing rivers of the west. For those looking for culinary adventure, there are amazing restaurants, fun and noisy brewpubs, and cosy, comfortable coffee shops to appeal to every taste and every whim. For children, there is the majestic Children’s Museum, resorts and hotels with indoor games and numerous amazing competitions, and open fields and playgrounds. For those seeking to unwind, there are bike tours on meandering roads along scenic byways, slow and leisurely sailboat rides on the Vallecito Lake, and rejuvenating swims in some of the mineral springs.

The shopping scene in this little town is termed as the “proverbial treasure trove”, wherein one can find distinct and unique merchandise of all types, for all. There are over 500 retailers in the Durango Mall, Main Avenue Mall and Historic Downtown Durango, who offer goods ranging from children’s favourites, to the latest fashions, and from kitchen hardware to outdoor supplies. Additionally, offering a diverse cultural experience ranging from local artisans to performing veterans, Durango’s art scene has been developed particularly for the connoisseur. From public murals and sculptures, jewellery, still photography and live documentaries, dance and music festivals, the little town has everything to offer to tourists. It is also recommended to take a trip aboard the coal-fired steam engine on the Durango & Silverton Narow Gauge Railroad.

Undoubtedly, Durango is one of those rustic little towns that offer a variety of fun activities, the most amazing of which include a taste of the scenic beauty, particularly mountain biking & hiking tours, and is a must visit!


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"After 9 years of guided mountain bike trips in North America, your Durango trip had the best trails!!!!"

David Sawyer, 2008

"'trip Ned' in Durango was stupendous. Lodging, food, choice of trails and individual guidance on bike set-up, techniques and gear were all excellent. Nate inspired me through some killer climbs. Matt's no slouch on the trails, and also performed some dutch oven wizardry in the kitchen. Big Mike’s tour of Hermosa Creek drainage was epic. Thanks guys- I'm getting a gang together and picking a place to join up again in '09!"

Tom Kammerer, 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Hermosa Creek Guided tour! My guide, Matt, was professional and personable: offering great cycling conversation, guidance, and food for thought. He took care of everything so all I had to do was just show up and ride! His experience and knowledge of the CO trails made me feel confident and the ride was truly a treasured experience. Most of all, I had the absolute best time and I loved every nanosecond of it! Thank you !"

Julie Urlaub, 2008

"The guys on my trip inspired confidence amongst our group every step of the way. Be it on the trail, shuttling to the trailhead, or arranging logistics in advance they kept things running smoothly and seemingly effortlessly. They accommodated us every step of the way and kept it fun and flexible. Of course, the best part was their ability to provide the epic mountain bike experience. We left Durango pleasantly worked over, dusty, and smiling ear-to-ear. Now if they’d only get on the right brand of bike…"

Travis Ott, Gary Fisher Bikes, 2008

"Super job you guys do, better than any other tour/group ride I have been on, either in the US or Europe. I especially appreciate the little things that make the stay more pleasant without the client having to ask for them. (the trail map and the gorp selection for instance, nice touches)."

Sam Joseph, 2008