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Washington USA:

The Kettle Crest Washington Mountain Bike Tour

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Day 1-

We’ll meet everyone at the North Division Bicycle Shop in Spokane at 7:30am to load up and head out for the week. From Spokane we have a shuttle of a few hours to the Kettle Mountains and our first day’s ride.

The ride starts with a spin up Old Stagecoach Trail. Half of the trail meanders through the site of the 2001 Leona fire, affording wide expanding vistas across the range. Tying into the Crest a short climb up and over to the Midnight Ridge Trail will afford you continued stunning views of the Lambert Creek drainage to the West. We now descend Midnight Ridge Trail, which is a perfect payoff with perfect grade for a super fun descent. You will roam down smooth fast track through stands of fir and old growth Lodgepole pine. The sky seems to open up as you transition multiple times out of forest and into wildflower riddled open fields. This stellar trail ride ends with a switchback descent back down to Lambert Creek for a coast and cooling splash through the water. Ride length approximately 15 miles.

Day 2-

Multiple climbs and multiple descents are the treat as this stretch of trail has everything a mountain biker could love. Beginning with a shuttle, this splendid dirt ribbon will still easily appease a rider who enjoys spinning up challenging climbs. For the rider who favors the easier side of gravity this ride will satisfy your deepest downhill desires. For the rider who appreciates both, this could be the best stretch of singletrack you have ever ridden, easily will earn consideration for top shelf ride experience of your life. The trail meanders atop the Kettle Range providing fabulous views of the Kettle Crest Mountains and Kettle River Valley. Springs provide a cooling wetland before a short climb across Profanity Peak down another joyous descent. Rocky challenging terrain, as well as a steep push up Ryan Hill will be an investment for the pure adrenaline rush that is Stickpin Trail. Dropping into from awe-inspiring vistas above the South Fork Boulder Creek drainage, you are quickly immersed in a thick dark timbered trail. A smooth quick rush of pure fun as you drop 2000 in less than 3 miles, a trail that will inspire high-fives across the group. A very pleasant easy rolling descent down South Fork Boulder Road will enable you time to reflect on the awesome journey you have took, and contemplate the greatness ahead. Ride length is approximately 30 miles.

Day 3-

First, a quick stopover of a short trail to some falls; followed by a drive up to the top of Thirteen Mile Mountain. Today’s recovery ride will be minimal in climbing but still provide tremendous views, and quality singletrack. During your descent down a pleasant grade, you will be afforded spectacular views of the Sanpoil River Valley, while also sweeping through numerous drainages filled with old growth pine. You will feel like the first person to ever roll tires upon the trail on this isolated gem of a trail. We end on a challenging rocky stretch as you descend through a wondrous canyon where the tour guides speed you away to the second chapter of the days adventure. After a nice meal at Swan Lake you are treated to an easy spin around the lake. During the right time there is ample opportunity to pick juicy huckleberries or thimbleberries for an extra snack. There is plenty of time to take in the quaint lake views and ample opportunity to view wildlife with an abundance of small animals and waterfowl. Ride length is approximately 19 miles.

Day 4-

We start with a steady climb up a shaded forest of pine and fir with a few peek-a-boo views along the way. This is a warm up as you climb to Sherman Pass and resume your climb on Kettle Crest North. This stretch of well-groomed superb trail meanders through forest, open fields, and past rocky outcrops. A quick out and back lollipop loop around Columbia Mountain provides an exquisite stretch of rocky trail along breathtaking vistas. Along the saddle on the north side of the mountain lays a hidden rocky outcrop. There a meal can be enjoyed after scurrying up to take in panoramic views. On a clear day you can see the North Cascades, all the way into Canada, and across to the mountains in the Idaho Panhandle. And it keeps getting better. Continuing along Kettle on singletrack so fun you’ll dream about it while you’re still riding the trail. A fun, long sweeping switchback descent to the saddle in between Columbia and Jungle Hill followed by one last grunt. As you pass a rare spring fed wetland high on the mountain you soon approach the Jungle Hill Trailhead. Another great view spot to settle for a break then get ready for yet one more epic descent. After completing this harmonious run you’ll feel that you’ve encountered the Shangri-La of the North Americas. Ride length is approximately 18 miles.

Day 5-

We start with another climb up Sherman Trail this morning. Only this time at the Pass you head south. Heading up a challenging trail with just a perfect amount of rock and dirt, you spin your way through immaculate forest stands of fir and pine. A split in the trail will take you clockwise around Sherman Peak. Soon you will ride into the vast viewscape created by the 1988 White Mountain Fire. The South side of the mountain in particular will leave you breathless, with a spectacular view of Snow Peak and the Columbia River Valley. After a break to take it all in, some of the most challenging sections of rocky trail await. No shame in walking a few spots as you work your way towards Snow Peak Cabin. Reaching the cabin for a well-deserved break, take a little time to decompress after all the incredible ride experience. But we’re not quite done yet. Back to Sherman Peak only to continue the loop around the West end of the mountain. Again passing through incredible meadows, and more rocky terrain mixed evenly with smooth singletrack. One final joyous run down Sherman Trail to bookend this incredible adventure, Kettle Crest is the hidden special gem you can acquire for your special collection of riding memories. Ride length is about 18 miles.

Final evening-

After a great week of riding, we return you to Spokane and North Division Bicycle Shop. Thanks for joining us!

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  • available as custom trip for 5 or more click here to email
  • level: intermediate, advanced
  • ages: all (call for under 18)
  • group size: varies
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"After 9 years of guided mountain bike trips in North America, your Durango trip had the best trails!!!!"

David Sawyer, 2008

"'trip Ned' in Durango was stupendous. Lodging, food, choice of trails and individual guidance on bike set-up, techniques and gear were all excellent. Nate inspired me through some killer climbs. Matt's no slouch on the trails, and also performed some dutch oven wizardry in the kitchen. Big Mike’s tour of Hermosa Creek drainage was epic. Thanks guys- I'm getting a gang together and picking a place to join up again in '09!"

Tom Kammerer, 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Hermosa Creek Guided tour! My guide, Matt, was professional and personable: offering great cycling conversation, guidance, and food for thought. He took care of everything so all I had to do was just show up and ride! His experience and knowledge of the CO trails made me feel confident and the ride was truly a treasured experience. Most of all, I had the absolute best time and I loved every nanosecond of it! Thank you !"

Julie Urlaub, 2008

"The guys on my trip inspired confidence amongst our group every step of the way. Be it on the trail, shuttling to the trailhead, or arranging logistics in advance they kept things running smoothly and seemingly effortlessly. They accommodated us every step of the way and kept it fun and flexible. Of course, the best part was their ability to provide the epic mountain bike experience. We left Durango pleasantly worked over, dusty, and smiling ear-to-ear. Now if they’d only get on the right brand of bike…"

Travis Ott, Gary Fisher Bikes, 2008

"Super job you guys do, better than any other tour/group ride I have been on, either in the US or Europe. I especially appreciate the little things that make the stay more pleasant without the client having to ask for them. (the trail map and the gorp selection for instance, nice touches)."

Sam Joseph, 2008