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Surfing Witches Rock Costa Rica

By February 1, 2019February 5th, 2019Surfing

Surfing is definitely an stimulating sporting activities making use of the gift of nature to take challenge and fun to a surfer’s life. For surfing lovers, surfing Witches rock in Costa Rica is a dream come true. It’s also dubbed Roca Bruja which essentially means Witches Rock. This rock was set down where it is actually by a furious volcano.

With its renowned world class wave, it is sure to offer all the fun, challenge and exhilaration that those passionate about surfing seek. This rock was so named because of the legend of a witch who is said to live in the rock. It is situated in Playa Naranjo just off the coast of Santa Rosa National Park.

Witches rock has among the most mind blowing sand bottomed beach breaks right in its front. It is situated at the meeting point of an estuary and the ocean thus forming sandbars that help shape waves thus making for a great surfing wave. The existent hollows are complemented by offshore waves strongest between December and April.

The surf can get to up to six meters of shapes that can be surfed. The best wave is the one that breaks between the rock itself and the shore. It was included in the scenery of the movie Endless Summer II which earned it a lot of fame. After the movie especially, there has been a constant flow of surfers and tourists keen to feel the magic of this mystical rock.

This all famous wave occurs at the front of the rock. It can be fast or in hollow rights and lefts. It is characterized by its long, smooth right and left wall that rises upright and barrels then peels at an ideal speed. The characteristics of this surfer’s favorite will however vary depending on the tide, size and the wind.

Surfers have described the wave as fun and interesting particularly with the scenic beauty of the rock and the surrounding beach. All sorts of surfers from all over the world concede that Witches Rock is the perfect surfing spot. Witches rock surfing can be done by beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. It is both safe and challenges even the very best!

For an unforgettable surfing in Witches rock experience, you can get there through other ways. Essentially the most preferred simply because of its ease, comfort and reliability is by boat. Costa Rica Surf Charters offers all types of boat experiences for surfers. It is also advantageous to take the boat as you can access the nearby Ollie’s point which is also a breathtaking spot. For the more adventurous at heart, you can rent a 4×4. The jungle roads are a bit hard to navigate and unclear. After that you have to cross the estuary which has quite a number of caimans in it. Simply put it is hard to access by car.

The water at Witches rock is clean and appropriate for surfing. Probably the most excellent and biggest swell occurs in summer though winter has sturdy offshore winds that keep the water super clean. Necessities such as two best seasons for surfing contingent upon your surfing needs. You need to check for South to South west swell direction to get the best surf experience.

Surfing in medium height tides is also the perfect choice with North East being the most favourable wind condition for surfing in Witches Rock. The wave length can range from 50-300 yards with 5-10 ft size. The best surfboards for surfing at this spot are fish, long board, short board and fun board.

Visiting this rock will evidence that most surfers coalesce on the immediate south of the river mouth though there are more peaks as you head south. The North is quite uncharted surf wise as it is usually smaller. It is possible to get surfing forecasts for a season’s or day’s weather, tide and wind conditions for top experience through various online Witches Rock surfing sites. Having an idea of what to expect is a good idea for a passionate surfer.

If you love surfing, Costa Rica is actually a surfers’ habitat. Surfing in Witches Rock will particularly breed but not only surfing fun, challenge and scenic beauty but a possible opportunity to experience a legendary surfing spot that had been featured in a well known movie.

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