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Are you contemplating shopping for a surfboard? Ought to see this first

By February 15, 2019February 18th, 2019Surfing

Examining the best for you? Would you like to get your first surfboard? According to your weight, height or ability, there is a perfect surfboard for you. Also, before you buy the first surfboard, you may want to consider which kind of waves would you like to try it for.


Recognizing these main points will considerably assist you in your selection when you’re looking for a surfboard which you decide on.


A longboard is 9 to 12 feet in size. They’re wider and much larger than most boards. They have one center fin, although sometimes you’ll see longboards with 2 side fins. The tails are typically flat or rounded ones. You ought to ride a longboard if the waves in your area are small. Longboards are perfect for freshies for its size and regularity of catching waves. However, because of their sheer size, you’ll have a longer paddle time in front of you. But if you start going, you’ll enjoy just how sleek they glide. For intermediates, longboards can help you smoothen out your technique. What’s good about longboard is that you may ride the big waves and the little ones. Longboard isn’t as stylish as its smaller counterpart, however it assures longer surf time all year round.


Funboards are shorter versus the long board — typically six to eight feet long. They’re what we frequently call as “Malibu designs”. They’re best to intermediate surfers that are shifting from longboards towards the flashier ones. It is versatile because you can ride it on small, mushy waves up to overheads. Funboards have the same design as a longboard – rounded nose, wide, thick and square tails. They could have a single fin or a 2 plus 1 set up – in which you have a long center fin flanked by two smaller fins that give you additional stability and management.


A fish is usually a shorter board – around 5 ½ to 6 feet in length. It has a wide and thick body with rounded nose and wide tail – just like a FISH! This board features a twin fin or a quad fin set up. You can use this board for point breaks. To its width and length, you can be assured that even riding a small wave is fulfilling.


A gun is a narrow, long board typically six to ten feet in length. Because of its narrow body, a gun is built for large waves unlike shorter boards.


How? Well, a longer, narrower board allows for a longer rail line. While a broader board is busy pushing the water away from it – or displacement – a gun basically glides on top of it.


Shortboards are best for locations where waves are sharp — very much like those seen in Hawaii. These boards provide better mobility and manageability unlike the longboard. Shortboards are thinner and have more rockers.Usually, a shortboard has three fins. But you can find new types you can buy that boasts four fins.


When should you use a shortboard?


If living within the barrel is your thing, go for it. If the waves are inside their highest in months and you are working to ascend on them, then ride using a shortboard.


You want to do your research when you are choosing for a surfboard. However, you don’t need to do it on your own. While you are wondering about what surfboard to obtain, why don’t you take a look at some surf vacations to help you grow your surfing skills? We found an organization that offers surf instructional tours and camps in places like Costa Rica. Would you like to find out more? Then check out All-Star Adventures (


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