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An All-Star Break at Playa Negra

By April 12, 2019Surfing

Costa Rica. The name suggests rich coast in the native Spanish language, and every surfer who has ever been to the country knows that name is on the money. Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is a surfer’s paradise. It thrives all year round and provides any wave a surfer would like, whether he’s looking for a right or a left, a beach break or a reef break, a gentle peeler or a heavy barrel. As though the year round swell, beautiful coastline, and epic wave variety weren’t sufficient cause to plan a vacation here, Costa Rica also enjoys practically the ideal climate on the planet, which is always temperate and perfect for growing fresh food.

When you’re in paradise, you shouldn’t have to bother about logistics-getting to the breaks, getting a place to have lunch, arranging entertainment among sessions. This is typically a problem in the small town of Los Pargos, where world famous Playa Negra is located. Town has only a few establishments, so residing at this world-renowned break can be a hassle. The guys at All-Star Adventures have a way to fix the problem. They offer an all-inclusive trip to this incredible break, so all you have to worry about is selecting the boards you want to bring. They’ll pick you up from the airport, house you, feed you, and take you to the breaks. If you’re a beginner, they also have a surf camp option where you’ll learn from the experts during daily lessons, and just like the other packages, this one’s all-inclusive.

I’ve been throwing throughout the term all-inclusive thus far so let me elaborate. Transportation is included. They will literally pick you up from the airport and chauffeur you to your accommodations. Additionally, they will take you on full day surf tours with your own private guide. Accommodations are included. You’ll be staying in a 5-bedroom home within a gated beach community at Playa Negra. Here you’ll be comfortable, safe, and close to the waves. The property features a pool with swim-up bar, flat screen TVs with cable, and wi-fi. Food is included. Every meal during your stay is covered. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day. Costa Rican food is fresh, healthy, and delicious, so you’re going to love these meals. Entertainment is included. Every day, you are afforded the opportunity to partake in an activity of your choosing. The offerings are numerous but include zip lining through the jungle, hiking to a waterfall, and a relaxing massage to smooth away the muscle aches that accompany a long day of paddling.

If you’ve ever imagined of surfing Costa Rica, you need to visit and communicate with the guys at All-Star Adventures. They’ve got the knowledge and experience to ensure you’re obtaining the most out of this incredible country and its waves. Whether you’re a family, a group of friends, or a solo traveler, All-Star Adventures has a package that’s meets your needs. They will even tailor a deal to suit your group’s needs if you ask. This is why All-Star Adventures was created-to help people like you share their passion for travel, adventure, and action sports

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