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Costa Rica Surf Patches

By April 26, 2019Surfing

Costa Rica, Exploring All Year Round


With breathtaking ideas and magnificent beaches, Costa Rica has always been a prime vacation spot for people who avidly surf. The tropical place shows off many of nature’s assortment from volcanic formations to colorful coral reefs as well as the forests independently. The beaches ourselves range fromtan and white, and black sand which add to Costa Rica’s inviting atmosphere. Costa Rica is only nine degrees north of the equator and is graced with both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for surfers to descend upon. One of the main reasons would be the fact that surfing is not just a seasonal activity but an all year round sport. Many championship surfing competitions are hosted all around Costa Rica’s beaches. Surfers come from all over the world to compete and enjoy on the waves that Costa Rica offers and to participate in a Costa Rica surf camp.

Costa Rica’s waters are home to a plethora of marine wildlife. The endangered West Indian Manatee makes its home in some of the shallow rivers and saltwater bays. There are over twenty-five species of dolphins and whales that can be found in the region and over fifty species of sharks. However, the great white shark finds the waters of Costa Rica to be too warm and cannot be found there. Another endangered animal, the leatherback turtle nests on both coasts. This turtle can weigh up to twelve-hundred pounds and is the largest of all marine turtles.

Santa Rosa National Park contains the top surfing spots within Costa Rica. Playa Naranjo is one of the most famous beaches with some of the best waves to be found. Witch’s Rock is also within the Park and is known for extremely strong currents and best left to more experienced surfers. The park hosts a nice variety of activities to be done along with surfing; animal and birdwatching and hiking, and a lovely place to set up camp. This National Park is located twenty-two miles north of Liberia.

An excellent way to get started on surfing in Costa Rica is finding the surf hotel which suits your needs. There are a huge variety of hotels and many of them offer services like surfing lessons. Finding knowledgeable people that know the area and can assist you to a surf which matches your experience is also a easy way to dive right in without the risk of meeting the spectacled caiman, the local crocodile species.

It’s also possible to ramp up your surfing activity is to engage in a Costa Rica surf camp. Any Costa Rica surf camp that will meet the needs of your family needs can be found with quick research on the internet. Generally they are like a how-to-surf boot camp and can range from the very basics to competing at a professional level. Among the most popular surf camps are Anamaya which many consider to be located by some of the prettiest views. The Green Iguana surf camp is one of the oldest in Costa Rica and considered one of the top ten in the entire country. Finding a Costa Rica surf camp is as simple as as a quick search on the internet.

As many of the beaches are crowded with people that come to Costa Rica to vacation, some surfers prefer to find a quieter spot. Two locations for that quieter surfer are Pavones and Matapalo. The only drawback to the remote places are extremely limited services and lack of restaurants. Luckily the lonely few hotels located nearby are all-inclusive. One should always keep in mind that surfing alone is generally not a safe adventure to go on.

The ability to camp out under the star-filled sky is a great way to vacation in Costa Rica on a smaller budget and a fantastic option to a hotel. One should always check with the locals in the area but generally for a small fee you will probably find a spot on the beach or even private property to set up your tent. With limited space at the National official and Parks campgrounds it is generally a wise decision to make a reservation so that you do not end up without a camping location. Camping in Costa Rica is a fun way to vacation and should you find a beach spot, it may be a matter of only a few feet before the water beckons you to out to surf.

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